Shipping Label Working Process

We Follow Some Steps To Delivery Product

Get Customer's shipping information

1. The sender's information (zipcode, sender name and phone number).

2. The destination information (zipcode, receiver name and phone number).

3. The weight and dimension of each box(or pallet).

4. The goods info(brand, number of products, value).

Notice:please send us all above
[email protected]

Make the shipping label and invoice documents

We will make the shipping label and invoice for you. If the exportation declare is needed,we will handle the customs papers.

Pickup and Delivery

If you need the pickup, please let us know. We can pickup your goods from all over the world. The delivery time is 3-5 business days.


Our Services

What We Offer To Highest Quality Services

Customs Clearance

We provide the U.S.A Export (AES/EEI) and China Import Customs clearance.

China Warehouse Rental

A China Warehouse will let you show more strength in the Chinese market.

U.S.A Warehouse Rental

An U.S.A Warehouse will Let your business easily reach the customers with the strongest consumption power in the world.

U.S.A Mail box Rental

An U.S.A Mail box keeps your business more close to local enterprises in the United States.

Over-sea Purchasing Agent

We can help you purchase the best quality and lowest price goods in the world.

Global Supply Chain

From finding goods to purchasing, logistics and customs clearance, we provide one-stop services in the global supply chain.


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